Design Description
This fun multicoloured makeup bag with white waterproof lining and zip, keep all your beauty essentials handy. Can also be used as a pencil case, or handbag accessory. Also comes in a matching Tote Bag.


Sizing Approx. 26cm at top/ 18cm at base x 13cm high 

8cm deep when open at base;16cm deep when open at top 


The inspiration behind this Design
Designed by Sarah Dunbar, the fabric is originating from photographs or artwork and then developed into modern, abstract and handcrafted prints to create contemporary accessories for everyday use.


Sarah created the Cosmo Design inspired from an original artwork she made using hammer art with real flowers. The colours and contrast were then enhanced digitally, which created a 'cosmos' of beautiful colours in small geometric shapes. Images show both sides of the bag which are different, creating a stunning unique print makeup bag. 


All items are designed and handmade in the UK.

COSMO | Make up Bag