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The Art of Stylish Living

Over the past few months we have spent more time at home than ever before. If you are like me, it has meant you can really appreciate home as your own little sanctuary. It has also got me thinking of the little tweaks I would like to make to add even more of our personality to our little haven.

Ahead of my forthcoming homewares collection I will be launching in the next few weeks, I interviewed talented Interior Designer Angela Colley of Georgie Rose Interior Design, who gives us an inspiring view inside the world of interiors.

"When it comes to interiors I feel that you have to be sympathetic to the style and age of the property..."

Hi I’m Angela Colley and I’m the owner/Designer of GeorgieRose Interior Design.  I live in Cheltenham with my husband James, my two girls and our cocker spaniel Mollie.

What inspired you to work in your chosen profession? 

I have always loved interiors even from a young age and I think once I bought my first home that really made that inner passion grow further for me.

What is the favourite thing about your job?

I love the varied nature of it.  Each client has different needs and different styles so I love helping them realise the potential of their own homes.

How would you describe your design style?

My style has evolved over the years and it has taken me a while to find a core style because as a designer you are often adapting to the brief of the client and then add your own influences.  I do tend to lean towards certain elements of classic/traditional design but I love Scandinavian design too.  When it comes to interiors I feel that you have to be sympathetic to the style and age of the property, some spaces may lean more towards choosing a soft muted colour palette with lots of natural woods but if a space needs to be dark and dramatic then I’m not afraid to add it! 

Are there any historical design movements that you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from living and breathing interiors pretty much all day long.  Social media channels such as Instagram can also play a role in helping influence my thoughts and I love to follow other designers and see how their projects come to life.  I also look to nature and have a real love of photography and that often helps inspire me along the way.

Can you share one top tip with the readers about how to style their own homes?

Sorry I have two tips….when you walk into a room think about placement of furniture.  Resist the temptation to have furniture against the walls.  You need to give balance to the top and bottom of a room otherwise it doesn’t look or feel right. Think about your line of sight as you cast your eye around the space.   Also de-clutter your home, when you try to cram too many things into a space, or keep things that you don’t love or that no longer work anymore it’s time to move on.  

"Sometimes just removing a few items and switching the layout around can totally transform a space"

What are a few/ or one of your favourite outlets to source products from?

Sweetpea and Willow have some lovely pieces, Neptune Home for timeless classics, Rockett St George for quirky pieces and high street stores  like H&M Home, French Connection and HomeSense offer some really affordable pieces to help style your home.

Where do you start when you begin a new project? 

The first step is to really understand what my client is looking to achieve and then to hone in on their style.  Often my clients are lacking confidence in their own opinions so sometimes it’s my role to help them realise their own potential.  Good spatial planning is also essential at an early stage before you start choosing pieces of furniture that perhaps aren’t going to work.

Name a person or business that you admire or inspires you?

I love Sophie Paterson Interiors.  I love her style which is very much Rustic Chic, she designs some absolutely breath taking spaces and has real drive and passion to succeed.  I am also a huge fan of Kelly Hoppen, I love her tenacity, she knows what she wants and she goes out and gets it, you have to admire that.

Best piece of advice you have been given.

Be confident and believe in yourself, push yourself to do things that are out of your comfort zone and you will become a stronger person for it, even if it sometimes doesn’t seem like it at the time.  When I took the leap of faith to go full time with my business I didn’t truly think I would succeed, there have been some occasional low points but many more highs and sometimes you just have to ride the waves and keep going.  The current climate with lockdown has certainly tested us all, so I have tried to adapt my business to make things work by introducing a 2 hour remote design consultancy service and so far that is being received well which is great for me as it means I can keep doing what I love, being creative.

What is your biggest success story or proudest moment in your career so far.

Being shortlisted two years running under the Interior Design category for the SoGlos Business awards was a great accolade for my business and having a feature Article in Cotswold Living Magazine have certainly been some lovely highs and I hope there will be more to come.

What would be your dream commission/ project?

I would love the opportunity to work on a luxury residential property, perhaps somewhere like Dubai, now wouldn’t that be amazing.

Angela and I met when we both attended a business growth course based at the University of Gloucestershire. We bonded over our love of design, jacket potato lunches and conquering our fears to present our business pitch.

View more of Angela's stunning interiors on her website


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